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Ilustrator: Hayden Sherman
Liczba stron: 336
Format: 170 × 260 mm
Oprawa: miękka
ISBN: 978-15-3430-235-8

The Few

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Dostępność: 24 h

UWAGA: egzemplarz poekspozycyjny. Nie podlega reklamacji. Może zawierać takie uszkodzenia jak zagięte rogi, brak folii, rysy na okładce oraz inne uszkodzenia okładki.


Critically lauded writer and playwright SEAN LEWIS follows up the cult favorite SAINTS with his newest book THE FEW. Teaming with red-hot artist HAYDEN SHERMAN THE FEW introduces readers to a futuristic world of militias, roving cults and an American government that has decided to cut off ties with poorer states. HALE is a US Palace Soldier who when witnessing a massacre while under cover, escapes through the forgotten American badlands with a gas mask wearing baby in tow. Now hunted by her country and the cult she was watching her life falls in the hands of two survivalist brothers. Mad Max action with a Station Eleven sensibility combines in this sci-fi series for mature readers.